Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Update from the life of a crazy person.....namely me :)

     I'm finally on Christmas break! I've have been so cotton-pickin-it busy lately, I haven't had time to blog at all! So here is an update!
     I just finished my first semester at Ozark Bible Institute! I love being there, and my experience there has been amazing!  I loved all my classes this past semester. God really uses the teachers to speak to us straight from God, or at least it sure seems like it. It isn't always the most comfortable thing in the world, but the Lord knows what He's doing.
     One of my favorite classes was our Personal Evangelism class. Just let me say, I've never been so convicted in my life! For the first time in my life the reality of the Great Commision was made so real to me. One of our assignments was to go around town and just observe lost people; just watch them. Yeah, scary right?!? Don't worry, I don't normally stalk people. :) That one was say the least. Our next assignment, though, was a little more on the awkward side. Really, really talking to people. You should have seen our class when Bro Perry gave that one out! Like typical students, most of us waited till the last minute to actually do it. Some went out to finish it and hour before class started. However, now that I'm on the other side of it, I can definitely say that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! I found that just starting a normal conversation with people, whether or not I even mentioned God, helped me to get used to talking to people in general. (Hard to believe, right? Me, having a hard time talking??) It was a learning experience!
     I have also been working 3 nights a week at Walgreens, where I worked in the summer. I really like working at Walgreens, though I wish that I didn't have to work while in college. The people I work with are nice, and they try to help me get home at night asap.
     God has truly helped me in so many ways, some that I like and some that I don't. He is definitely teaching me to trust in Him, and not rely "on my own understanding," or, on my feelings, because if I did, I think I would have left after the 2nd week! There has been so many challenges that I've faced, yet God has been there for me with every step I took, even though I couldn't always feel Him there. But that is where I learn to trust Him. Before I went to Bible school, I always thought I would have more time to pray and read my Bible, because, after all, it IS Bible school, right!?! Wrong! It seems that I have less time! There is so much scheduled prayer and Bible study time, it's hard to find unscheduled prayer time. It seems that something else always gets in the way. But, I guess you can always find time to do what you want, right? Slowly, but surely, I think I can see that it is consistency is what really matters. Maybe I can't pray for an hour or even thirty minutes a day, but I can probably pray for ten minutes! It's really super hard, but I know the Lord will be my strength.

    So, there is a basic update!

Peace out! (The peace that passeth all understanding, that is!) :)