Friday, April 30, 2010

*Drum roll, please!!!*

Wait for it.................wait for it................... finally, the long awaited moment is come!!!

Here are the rest of my senior pics!

Yep, there they are! Oh wait, forgot one.

LOL Ok so maybe that's just not me! It's my evil twin, right?!?! lol
I ordered my senior ring today! I'm really excited about it. I won't get it in time for my graduation ceremony, but I'm extremely thankful I can get one at all! I'll post pics when I do get it.
Btw, has anyone come up with any other good ideas for my photography name?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Recent Photography

So I've seen the back of the camera a whole lot lately! I've so far, done 2 weddings and an engagement session. A week ago I did engagement pics and a wedding in the same day! Just today I saw something very special and I had to capture it! 

Yes, two, full, rainbows! It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! This was only a few minutes ago!

Here's the other halfs. You can hardly see the second one.

About a month ago, I did Danial and Beatrix's wedding. It was beautiful! Last week I did Corey and Michelle Oatney's wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Oatney

Michelle, the beautiful bride.
I never knew how much work it was to do wedding pictures! You have to be everywhere at one time it seems! Luckly, at the next wedding, Mitchel and Brie's, I will only be in charge of before and after the wedding, and the reception.
 Jim and Vanessa's engagement pics went very well. They had me use their camera, which I was happy to do. I really enjoyed doing them!
This is my favorite! ^

And let me not forget, my senior pics! I didn't take them, (Mom did. Thanks Mom! She becoming quite the photographer!) I did edit them!

These aren't the best! I'm waiting till later to post them. Check back in a few days!

But, now, I have a problem. I am having the opportunity to do all these pictures, and I don't have a name for my "business." Do ya'll have any ideas? Plz comment! Thx! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Passover Experience

It happens that the last day of the Jewish Passover falls on Resurrection Sunday this year, so last night me, my brother Keith, and my Dad went to a Messianic Jewish meal, called the Meal of the Messiah. It was awesome! I've never been to a Passover sedar so I can't compare them, besides that I know a sedar looks back to the past and the Meal of the Messiah looks to the future; Christ's coming. There are so many things that were completely foreign to me, like the music for example.....

Some of it was in English, and some in Hebrew. I tell you, trying to twist my tongue around some of those Hebrew words took some doing, and some of them I didn't even get. But I tried!
During the Passover, the Jews cannot eat anything that is we had matza instead of bread.

We ate a lot of it! I really enjoyed the taking of the bread, well matza, and of the wine...which is really Kedem grape juice lol. We sat at a table with five other people. Our bottle of grape juice was only 32 ounces, the leader of the meal said, "Pace yourselves so they'll be enough for you each to have 4 cups." The cups were not very big. He also said, "In a traditional Jewish home, they wouldn't be drinking Kedem's grape juice, and they wouldn't be pacing themselves." lol

 There were many songs we sang, but my favorite was called Nishmat Kol Chai. This is an English translation. It was absolutely beautiful!

All in all, I really enjoyed the evening. There were a lot of things that were a little, no a lot, foreign to me. But there was just something about being in a company of with some of God's chosen people, and participating in their tradition. Who knows? In Heaven we might be worshiping like the Jews did then and a little like they do now. We may be worshipping in Jerusalem next year! That's is the statement they ended the evening with, "Jerusalem next year!" Amaiyn!


OK do ya'll know what's REALLY humilating.......? To go around trying to change your blog's template, and then completely mess it up! That's what I did! Oh here I am, starting over. Sorry about thi, you guys.....I won't try this again! lol